Aug. 30, 2022

Street Fighter! – Rogue Origin Films Joins Us To Give A Masterclass On How To Film Live Action Anime & Martial Arts Content! + Much More! | Ep.114

Street Fighter! – Rogue Origin Films Joins Us To Give A Masterclass On How To Film Live Action Anime & Martial Arts Content! + Much More! | Ep.114
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Martial Arts changed my life; it changed my world.” – Josh Mabie  

In this episode we are joined by Rogue Origin films founder Josh Mabie! He is the writer, director, producer, choreography, special effects, action designer for Rogue Origin, you name it he probably does it! His work as a director has garnered over 15million views on You Tube. He has directed live action anime for Re Anime including Tokyo Ghoul, Hunter x Hunter, Avatar to name a few as well as working with King Vader on his Hood Bebop live action series. 

This was an amazing insightful podcast on creating film, live action anime and the industry in general. 

Discussion notes: 

  • How did Josh Mabie from Rogue Anime get into directing? 
  • How does Rogue Origin films choreograph fight scenes? 
  • Why does Hollywood get it so wrong with life action anime?
  • Josh explains it may not necessarily be all down to Hollywood
  • Josh tells us how much a typical budget for his Rogue Anime Films is!
  • Can you guess how much he spends to make these films? 
  • What was it like working with King Vader? 
  • What Anime is Josh watching? 
  • Does Netflix animation look cheap? 
  • What anime fights would Rogue Anime love to bring into lice action? 

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 Anime live action referenced in the podcast 

  • Naruto Live-Action: Drunken Fist Rock Lee Vs Kimimaro – Watch Here 
  • Samurai Champloo Live-Action | Jin Vs Sara – Watch Here 
  • Street Fighter: Enter the Dragon Live-Action Short Film – Watch Here 
  • Tokyo Ghoul Live Action - Jason VS Kaneki – Watch Here 
  • Hood Cowboy Bebop 3: Silver Dragon – Watch Here 
  • Hunter x Hunter Live Action - Gon vs Hisoka – Watch here 

Josh Mabie's Anime Recommendations 

  • To your eternity   
  • Promare 
  • Hitori no shida

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