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Big fan!!!

Only stumbled across them because of hot take one of the hosts had. Really funny fellas with random scenarios that are funny to hear!!! You converted/ forced me to get started on One piece. 🀣🀣

Sooo goood (with 3 o’s)

What an awesome podcast. Inspirational and engaging. Just 2 good friends discussing and debating about anime. Naruto is better than One piece though 😝 Keep it up

Amazing and Insightful!

Everything about this podcast is lit from the background music to how well articulated and cohesive it is it has good transitions and is very insightful definitely recommend for anyone who is an otaku and wants something to listen to that is informative and sheds light on things going on in the anime community also I appreciate the feature on the RIP Kissanime special it was a pleasure to be on the podcast all around 10/10 would recommend to any weebs/otakus.

Very engaging!

Amazing podcast, I love how structured it is. Some Anime podcast tend to ramble on but this gets straight into the topic of discussion. Also Kl and creative how their episode title incorporate hip hop and RNB songs into it. 5 Stars all around. Looking forward to hearing more.

Good Content

Look forward to more podcasts, bringing back some childhood memories.

Really easy listen

Enjoyed listening to this podcast a lot, easily listening

Quality stuff

Looking forward to the next episodes 😎

Entertaining & Educational πŸ‘Ύ

Great content! Voices are so easy to listen to! Love the enthusiasm. Learnt a lot about Anime πŸ‘Ύ

Great content

Enjoyed listening, looking forward to more content like this

A must if you’re into Anime!



Great podcast!