Jan. 24, 2023

Like Woah! - Fans Service That Caught Us Off Guard! | Ep.137

Like Woah! - Fans Service That Caught Us Off Guard! | Ep.137

“Pantsu misete moratte mo yoroshii desu ka?” – Brook (One Piece) 

Discussion Points

  •  How would we  define anime fan service?
  • Can it fan service to one person but not to another? Or is all fan service universal?
  • Has fan serviced ever made you dislike or turned you off from an anime?
  • Does fan service only lend itself to Shonen or can it exist in other anime genres?
  • What are some fan service you have seen where you where like woah?
  • Was the Like Woah a good or bad thing?
  • Why is fanservice cringey but man service isnt?

Highschool of the dead, matrix boob scene – Watch here
Suuuper Anime recommendations with fan service in it

  • Is it wrong to try and pick up girls in a dungeon 
  • Do you live your mom and her two – Hit Multi target attacks 
  • Kiss x Sis 
  • Keijo
  • High School DxD 
  • The testament of sister new devil 
  • Monster Masumai 
  • Shimonita 
  • Food Wars 
  • Prison School 

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Suuuper podcast title inspired by Logic – Like Woah | Listen Here! and Mya – Like Wo | Listen Here 

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