Suuuper Anime Podcast

Suuuper Anime Podcast

Listened to now in OVER 150 Countries! The Suuuper Anime Podcast is a show that looks to entertain, inspire and inform you about anime. We provide our opinion and thoughts on various anime topics, as well as look at it from a real-world perspective on what we can learn from anime. Whether you’re new to anime or a seasoned veteran, we invite you to come listen, share and laugh with us :-). We hope every episode ignites your otaku spirit and leaves YOU feeling SUUUPER!

Recent Episodes

Lose Control! – Is Power Scaling A Cheat Code in Anime? | Ep.171

Sept. 26, 2023

“With great power comes an even better power!” – Ed Suuuper Anime Podcast Host Discussion points: When did we first come across the term power scaling? What are the different levels of scaling? What are the methods of power …

SSR 14 | Legend of Quora – Who Is the Most Complex Anime Character + More?

Sept. 21, 2023

"I will send you my bill" - Dr Solo Dr Solo returns To Answer Quora Anime Questions! Dr Solo, one of Solo’s many alter egos, has returned to answer Quora questions. I scoured across Quora to find the most pressing and mind-n…

Hate Me Now! - Eren Yager! Is He A Hero Or A Villain? | Ep.170

Sept. 19, 2023

"An eye for an eye will leave the world blind! " - Gandhi Discussion: What is our first opinion of Erin Yager as a character? Did trauma and pain shape Erin to the person he become? Was Erin justified in bring war to Marley…

SSR Ep.13 | Lights! Camera! Action! - Are These Really The Best Live Action Animes?!

Sept. 14, 2023

"Lights, Camera, Anime!" In this episode we review screen rants best live action anime recommendations. Are these really the best live action animes? Did your anime make Screen Rants list? Discussion Notes What makes a great…

21 Questions Pt.7 – This Was Tough! Solo took it personal! LMAO | Ep.169

Sept. 12, 2023

“Just answer the question”. – Anonymous We continue our “21 questions” but this time in a fact or fiction style edition. We switched it up. Solo will be looking to answer anime trivia questions that I found on the internet. …

The One Piece Is REAL!! – One Piece Live Action! Shambles or Triumphant?! | Bonus

Sept. 7, 2023

"The One Piece is Real!" Its finally here, One Piece live action has been released by Netflix! The question is was it a shambles or a triumph?! Discussion Notes What are our thoughts on the full One Piece life action anime? …

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Ed and Solo Suuuper Anime favourite episode picks 2023!  Below is a list of our favourite anime episodes for every quarter of episodes we have done on suuuper anime podcast, however, we must stress that we love every episode and this was a tou…

Unravelling the Greatness of One Piece: The Greatest Anime of All Time

Introduction Ed and Solo often cite One Piece as the greatest anime of all time and it’s one of the inspirations for the anime podcast name Suuuper Anime! In the vast landscape of anime, One Piece stands head and shoulders above the rest, cap…

Shonen Tropes: Examining Common Themes and Conventions

Introduction Shonen anime, a genre targeted primarily at young male audiences, has captured the hearts of fans around the world with its exhilarating action, epic battles, and coming-of-age stories. Within this genre, certain themes and conventions…

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