Suuuper Anime Podcast

Suuuper Anime Podcast

The Suuuper Anime Podcast is a show that looks to entertain, inspire and inform you about anime. We provide our opinion and thoughts on various anime topics, as well as look at it from a real-world perspective on what we can learn from anime. Whether you’re new to anime or a seasoned veteran, we invite you to come listen, share and laugh with us :-). We hope every episode ignites your otaku spirit and leaves YOU feeling SUUUPER!

Recent Episodes

Discussing Crunchyroll Awards! Is Fan Service Toxic? Plus Much More With Theo J Ellis | Bonus

April 8, 2021

"Not giving up on yourself, is what's truly important, that way you don't end up pathetic" - Theo's…

Guest: Theo J Ellis

I'm A Boss! - Who Are The Best Anime Bosses?! | Ep. 41

April 6, 2021

“All leaders are Bosses but not all bosses are leaders!” – Solo (Co-Host of Suuuper Anime) Discussi…

All Falls Down! – Can Anime Continue Forever Or Will It Die? | Ep.40

March 30, 2021

"The industry may one day collapse, as promising young talent drop out to pursue work that can prov…

X Gon Give It To Ya! - Hunter x Hunter Appreciation Episode! Will It Ever Come Back? | Ep.39

March 23, 2021

"If you want to get to know someone, find out what makes them angry." - Gon Freecs The time has com…

Look At What You've Done - Are These The Best And Worst Anime Mothers?!

March 16, 2021

"The heart of a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you'll always find forgiveness" - Ano…

Illuminati By Nature - What Are The Deadlist/Scariest Anime Organisations?! | Ep.37

March 9, 2021

"Hearts, you say? You humans are always so quick to speak of such things. As though you carry your …

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