Suuuper Anime Podcast

Suuuper Anime Podcast

The Suuuper Anime Podcast is a show that looks to entertain, inspire and inform you about anime. We provide our opinion and thoughts on various anime topics, as well as look at it from a real-world perspective on what we can learn from anime. Whether you’re new to anime or a seasoned veteran, we invite you to come listen, share and laugh with us :-). We hope every episode ignites your otaku spirit and leaves YOU feeling SUUUPER!


Top 5 - Most Uninteresting/Boring Anime MC's! | Ep. 57

July 27, 2021

" There are no uninterestig things, only unninterested people" . - Gilbert Chesterton Discussion Notes What makes a Main Character (MC) uninteresting/boring for you? How do we define boring? Does a lack of character development make an anime MC boring? Do manga writers do it on purpose making the s…

OutKast! - Why Hip Hop Loves Anime x Anime Loves Hip Hop?! | Ep.56

July 20, 2021

“I believe samurai in the Edo period and modern hip-hop artists have something in common” - Shinichirō Watanabe Discussion notes What are our thoughts on the relationship between Anime and Hip Hop and Vice versa? Do we see any commonalities between the 2 genres? Which anime do we think has influenc…

Basketball! (NBA Finals) – Which Anime Characters Would You Have in Your NBA Finals Team? | Ep .55

July 13, 2021

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” ― Phil Jackson Discussion notes The rules are simple! We both have 5 players to choose however, we are only allowed to choose 1 characters from one anime show. A character’s powers can only be used in rel…

21 Questions – Answering Anime Questions Seen On Quora + Does One Piece Drag On At Times?! | Ep.54

July 6, 2021

"There is not such thing as a stupid question, just an unanswered one" - Unkownn In this episode we take questions seen on Quora and get Solo to answer them. Quora questions such as the below and much more: Why did Naruto get with Hinata and not Sakura? How can I make my waifu jealous? What device …

10,000 Reasons – Celebrating All Our Suuuperlights! – Fan Dedication Episode + Solo Special Stories | Bonus

July 1, 2021

“Thank you to all our Suuuperlights, were humbled by your feedback and thankful for each and every one of you who listens!” - Ed & Solo This podcast would be nothing without our Suuuperlights (fans). This episode is all about acknowledging them, listening to voice notes from suuuperlights and readi…

ISKABA – Which Anime Characters Are We Going Clubbing With? | Ep.53

June 29, 2021

" What kind of woman is your type?" – Aoi Todou Discussion Notes Which anime character whould be headliner. The club DJ! Who will be in your anime squad of people, your boys that you will be going to the club? Which anime character would be the best dressed in the squad? Which anime character be t…

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