May 11, 2021

3 Wheels Up – Taking Off with YouTuber Rob of Shonen Showdown! We discuss You Tube, Anime, Basketball + Solo Special Stories. This episode may trigger you! | Ep. 46

3 Wheels Up – Taking Off with YouTuber Rob of Shonen Showdown! We discuss You Tube, Anime, Basketball + Solo Special Stories. This episode may trigger you! | Ep. 46
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A lot of the time anime is not taking seriously enough sometimes… anime is a really beautiful thing, it should not matter what you like and what you wanna watch, through Shonen Showdown, I want to help change that narrative.” – Robert Whitehorn III

We had the pleasure to interviewing Anime You Tuber Rob from the channel Shonen Showdown, which now has over 50k subscribers. This episode was full of laughs and Rob definitely brought it with his anime knowledge. You don’t wanna miss this.

Discussion Points

  • We ask Rob who why he wear suits in his videos? Very profound reason!
  • Who does he think are the sharpest dressed anime character? Or characters?
  • His anime journey and where it all started? What was his gateway anime into anime? 
  • What inspired him to start Shonen Showdown? 
  • What his 3 top anime are at the moment? 
  • Will Goten and Trunks ever surpass their dads? (Goku and Vegeta)
  • In One Piece are Admirals Yonko levels? and more One-Piece discussion!
  • Is Broly really that strong? Stronger than Jiren? 
  • Is Deku from My Hero Academia stronger than Gon from Hunter x Hunter? 
  • How he goes about deciding what types of You Tube anime content he should do? 
  • The concept of Anime Middle Ground and how that came into fruition? 
  • How much time goes into making Shonen Showdown videos?
  • What his favorite Shonen Showdown episode he has made to date? 
  • Which one did you enjoy the most doing?
  • Is Avatar Last Air Bender an anime? 
  • Who would win in a fight between Jojo’s Bizzare Adventures Iggy Vs Dragon Ball Z Oolong?
  • Michael Jordan Vs Lebron James! Who is the GOAT! 
  •  What is Rob’s top below radar and slept on anime choice that he recommends?
  • Rob has $20, who would he take on date? 
  • What’s next for Rob?
  • Rob gives Solo his Pokemon for Solo Special Stories!
  • We finish with the Suuuper Quick Fire Round?
    • Can you guess the last song Rob listened to at the time of this recording? 


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Robert Whitehorn III

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Robert Whitehorn III (A.K.A) Rob is the creator of the You Tube channel Shonen Showdown. The channel is centred around anime debates. On the channel Rob and his friends discuss the hottest topics of Shonen Anime and give you their take on YOUR favourite shows! GO AND JOIN THE DEBATE!!