Suuuper Hosts Background


Ed dressed as Eustass Kid from One Piece

Question is what do you want to know? 🤔

Where were you born?- South London

Why did you start a podcast? - Why not? 😁 I guess i would always be talking anime with my co-host Solo when we had catch up phone calls, no matter how much we wanted to talk about other things we would always end up talking about anime. When we did  talk anime, Solo would always share some really useful and insightful information and i always said we should start a podcast so people can hear this info and so we did.

Why the name Suuuper Anime Podcast?-That’s a Suuuper question. If you really want to know the answer to this check our "Drunk in Love... Anime Gateway" episode. I explain all there. You can listen to the full episode or skip to the last 15mins for the explanation.

What was the first Anime you watched?– Again, you can find it in the Drunk in Love episode😁

What’s your Favourite Anime? – One Piece

Who’s your Favourite Anime character? – Tough one, depends on my mood but if I had to choose one I would say Ippo from the Anime Hajime No Ippo

Why him?- He is a tenacious, motivated and yet humble guy. He puts everything into what he does, and I would like to think I do the same in my life. Wait that’s not really humble of me bigging myself up. 😅

Finally, in one word what does anime mean to you? – Acceptance


Solo dressed as Crocodile from One piece

Where are you based?- London UK 

How does it feel to be a podcaster, where you nervous or scared? - It was a bit nerve wracking beforehand but when we got started it was really exciting. It's also such a humbling experience to know that people are actually listening to us speak about anime. So Thank YOU! 

What was the first Anime you watched? – The very first Anime I actually remember watching was Akira! I was confused as HELL. I just remember thinking "I want a Red Motorbike in my life!"

What’s your Favourite Anime?– Easy answer here, One Piece wins; all day every day, each and every month, 365 days a year 'till then end of time itself. 

Who’s your Favourite Anime character?– I struggled so much to give one answer. It depends on how I'm feeling. I'll give my top 3 most memorable. Zoro (One Piece) and Miyamoto Musashi (Vagabond)

Why? - I like Ronins! I have always been fascinated by the Samurai, as well as characters who aren't always the most vocal but you know not to get on their bad side. Do not confuse their silence as a weakness!

Finally, in one word what does anime mean to you?– Escapism