June 16, 2022

Song Cry – Emotional Heart String Session With City String Ensemble Founder Sophie Poteratchi! Try Not To Cry! | Bonus

Song Cry – Emotional Heart String Session With City String Ensemble Founder Sophie Poteratchi! Try Not To Cry! | Bonus
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“If we can inspire young anime fans into the classical world that would be great. I know there”– Sophie Poteratchi, Founder of City String Ensemble

 In this special bonus episode, we are joined by founder of City String Ensemble Sophie Poteratchi. A great episode full on string theory and not the scientific kind but the musical emotive kind. 

Discussion Notes

  • Sophie tell us an interesting crazy fact about herself!
  • She discusses how she came up with the name City String Ensemble and how the group came together. 
  • What makes City String Ensemble different from other string quartets?
  • What anime/manga is Sophie currently watching now?  
  • What brings the City String Ensemble from the classical world of music into the anime world of music? 
  • How did Sophie and the team go about choosing the songs for this EP- Best of Anime?!  
  • How did City String learn the anime songs?
  • Is there an anime/anime movie that Sophie would have loved to have scored?
  • If Sophie could create her own anime quartet, who would she have and what instrument would they be playing?  

City String Best of Anime EPListen Here (Also on all audio apps) 

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Sophie PoteratchiProfile Photo

Sophie Poteratchi


Founder and violinist of City String Ensemble. String quartet performing anime OSTs and pop covers.

CSE has gone on to grow from a highly sought-after string quartet to a full-scale string orchestra and can be seen regularly performing multiple programmes of “candlelight concerts” across London, as well as recording and releasing their very own classical twists on well-known songs.

Since 2016, they have been performing across London and the UK, establishing themselves as the ensemble of choice for many award ceremonies, celebrity parties and special events. In 2019, a sister-ensemble in Los Angeles, USA was formed, extending the CSE family to North America.

This versatile group of classically-trained string musicians has reimagined some of their favourite and most iconic songs, challenging the preconceptions of what classical musicians and classical instruments are capable of. They released their debut EP, “Twenty Twenty,” in 2020 before following up with their second EP, “Throwback…to the Millennium” in 2021. Their next EP, "Best of Anime" is inspired after their many sold-out performances of Anime concerts in 2021 after falling in love with anime music.