Dec. 19, 2022

Suuuper 2022 – Links to our favourite and memorable 2022 anime episodes

Suuuper 2022 – Links to our favourite and memorable 2022 anime episodes

2022 Suuuper Anime Links 

As stated on the Suuuper 2022 yearly wrap up podcast episode. Below are all the links to the episode we referenced for you to go and listen to.

Solo’s top 3 fav Suuuper Anime podcast episodes:

  • Ep.98: Shook Ones! - Anime Villains That Were Scared
  • Nani – Listen Here
  • Ep.109: Who Let The Dogs Out? – Are These The Top 5 Anime Pets – Listen Here
  • Ep.127: Cruel Intentions - Are These The Top 5 Cruellest Anime Characters In Anime History? – Listen Here


Eds top 3 fav Suuuper Anime podcast episodes:

  • Ep.80: I'm Different - HEATED Debate! Character Development Vs Character Depth! Is There A Difference? – Listen Here
  • Ep.117: Fact Or Fiction?! Pt 3 - Fact or Fiction?! Pt 3 – This Anime Girl Was The Most Searched Character In 2021? – Listen Here
  • Ep.112 - C.R.E.A.M - Hentai, Tentacles and Money! Oh My! – Listen Here


Most downloaded Suuuper Anime podcast episodes

  • Ep. 59: Top 5 - Most Interesting Anime Main Character’s – Listen Here
  • Ep.19:  SICKO MODE! - Our Favourite Anime Character Power Ups! – Listen Here
  • Ep.56: OutKast! - Why Hip Hop Loves Anime x Anime Loves Hip Hop?! – Listen Here
  • Bonus: Mask On - Which Anime Character Did We Pick To Sell A Mask To? – Listen Here
  • Ep.63: 4422! – Which Anime Didn’t Live Up To Its Potential? – Listen Here


Other episodes referenced

  • Ep.14: Encore – Is Pokémon The Greatest Anime Ever?! And What It Has In Common With Drake – Listen Here
  • Ep.62: Cut it! – Our Best Anime Swordsman! Did Yours Make The Cut? – Listen Here


Guest episodes referenced

  • Ep.130: One Mic – Legend: A Dragon Ball Tale Creator Nasser Pasha Joins Us To Discuss The Huge Success of Legend, What It Takes To Create A Block Buster Anime Short Film + Much More! – Listen Here
  • Ep.118: Legend: A Dragon Ball Tale Master Class Interview with Creative Audio Direction & Sound Designer of Legend, David Vitas! + Solo Special Returns. – Listen Here
  • Ep. 124: Panda Remix! – How to Create A Manga with Mangaka and Illustrator Gigi Murakami! Gigi Gives a Lesson On How She Created Her New Manga Resenter! – Listen Here
  • Ep.97: Ante Up! - Top 5 Best Anime Fights With Shonen Showdown! – Listen Here