May 10, 2022

Shook Ones! - Anime Villians That Were Scared! - NANI! | Ep.98

Shook Ones!  - Anime Villians That Were Scared! - NANI! | Ep.98


In this episode of Suuuper Anime podcast, we look at the anime villians who have experienced genuine fear.

Discussion Notes

  • Can Villains be scared?
  • What does that genuine fear look like to you?
  • Can you sense it? Does the animation lend itself to showcasing that genuine fear?
  • Let’s name the anime enemies and explain why we think they were shook?
  • Does the expression of fear on the villain’s face or mannerism give the game away that the protagonist is about to win or the tied is turned? Is this a bad Shonen troupe or character plot?
  • Eds secret question

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Suuuper podcast title inspired by Mobb Deep  – Shook Ones Pt 2 | Listen Here! 

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