July 13, 2021

NBA Finals! - Ed or Solo! Who Built The Better Team?!

NBA Finals! - Ed or Solo! Who Built The Better Team?!

In celebration of the 2021 NBA Finals - this years finalist being the Milwaukee Bucks Vs the Phoenix Suns  - we here at Suuuper Anime podcast decided to do a podcast where we would build our NBA Finals team however using anime characters of course! 

Why not listen to the podcast here, while reviewing the team! You can listen to the reasons behind why we chose certain players to play certain positions. This way you can have all the information before deciding who had the better team! 😊

The Rules

We both have 5 players to choose from, however, we are only allowed to choose 1 character from one anime show.

A character’s powers can only be used in relation to the game of basketball. There is no attacking each other, no foul play, no beams, no psychic powers, projectiles or manipulation of the basketball. Only thing allowed are physical enhancement abilities. So, for example Super Sayian. Basically, it’s like the film Shaolin soccer but with Anime characters.

So with that said here are the teams. 

Eds NBA Finals Anime Team 

Picture of Arsene Lupin as point guard

  • Name: Aresene Lupin the 3rd
  • Position: Point Guard 
  • Anime: Lupin the 3rd
  • Height: 5 foot 10 inches

Bob Makihara as Shooting guard- NBA Anime Finals

  • Name: Bob Makihara
  • Position: Shooting Guard 
  • Anime: Tenjou Tenge  
  • Height: 6 foot 2 inches

Boa Hancock as Small forward- NBA Anime Finals

  • Name: Boa Hancock
  • Position: Small Forward 
  • Anime: One Piece
  • Height: 6 foot 3 inches

Piccolo as Power Forward NBA Anime Finals

  • Name: Piccolo 
  • Position: Power Forward 
  • Anime: Dragon Ball Z
  • Height: 7 foot 4 inches

Ira Gamagoori as Center - NBA Anime Finals

  • Name:  Ira Gamagoori
  • Position: Centre 
  • Anime: Kill la Kill 
  • Height: 8 foot 8 inches


Solo's NBA Finals Anime Team 

Tobio Kageyama as Point Guard- NBA Anime Finals

  • Name: Tobio Kageyama
  • Position: Point Guard 
  • Anime: Haikyu  
  • Height: 5 Foot 11 inches 

Might Guy as Shooting Guard- NBA Anime Finals

  • Name: Might Guy
  • Position: Shooting Guard 
  • Anime: Naruto  
  • Height: 6 Foot

Sinbad as Power Forward - NBA Anime Finals

  • Name: Sinbad
  • Position: Small Forward 
  • Anime: Magi
  • Height: 6 Foot

Kenpachi as Point Guard- NBA Anime Finals

  • Name: Kenpachi
  • Position: Power Forward
  • Anime: Bleach 
  • Height: 6 Foot 6 inches

Bartholomew Kuma as Center - NBA Anime Finals

  • Name:  Bartholomew Kuma
  • Position: Centre 
  • Anime: One Piece  
  • Height: 22 Foot 6 Inches


Thats the line up, below is the visual match ups!

Suuuper anime podcast NBA Finals anime team


Who Wins? You Decide! 

Hopefully you have listened to the podcast or are listening as you read 😊 

Which team do you think is the better NBA Finals anime team.

Who Wins?! Ed or Solo? 

Let us know in the comment section below, or you can also come to our Instagram page and comment on the picture.

Thanks very much and have a Suuuper Day!