July 13, 2021

Basketball! (NBA Finals) – Which Anime Characters Would You Have in Your NBA Finals Team? | Ep .55

Basketball! (NBA Finals) – Which Anime Characters Would You Have in Your NBA Finals Team? | Ep .55
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“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” ―Phil Jackson

Discussion notes 

The rules are simple! 

We both have 5 players to choose however, we are only allowed to choose 1 characters from one anime show. 

A character’s powers can only be used in relation to the game of basketball. There is no attacking each other, no foul play, no beams, no psychic powers, projectiles or manipulation of the football. Only thing allowed are physical enhancement abilities. So, for example Super Sayian. Basically, it’s like the film Shaolin soccer but with Anime characters. 

To see the full squad of characters, visit our blog page here, where there is a breakdown of both Ed and Solo’s team. Let us know which NBA Finals team you think had the better 5 anime players based on our rationale in the podcast. 

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