Oct. 13, 2022

"You’re a Geek" – #BHM! Anime & Chill Founder And Self-proclaimed Geek Eneni Joins Us To Talk About Being a Robotics Engineer, Empowering Young Women To Code, Anime & Much More! | Ep.122

"We give the girls the ability to dream!" -  Eneni Founder of the Tech over foundation

In the UK, in October, we celebrate Black History Month, and, in this series, we will be showcasing a number of incredibly talented black content creators who are either in the anime industry or love anime as much as we do. As well as covering anime and their craft, we will also be covering topics around diversity, equity and inclusion.

In this episdoe we showcase Eneni founder of the The Tech Hub and Anime & Chill.

Discussion points  

  • Eneni talks about working with Brands for Anime & Chill 
  • How much venue hires are and the cost involved in running an anime event? 
  • Eneni speaks about Tech Over foundation
    • Talks about being a Geek and a robotics engineer
  • She talks about teaching over 200 girls how to code in 3rd world countries
  • How anime & chill tickets sales go to support funding the tech over NGO foundation
  • Eneni speaks about how she got into robotics and anime?     
  • Is anime for kids? 
  • What does Eneni think about fan service anime? 
  • Eneni talks about who her husbando is. Can you guess? 
  • We finish with the Suuuper quick fire round
    • Can you guess if Eneni prefer Bleach or Naruto


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Eneni AbbanProfile Photo

Eneni Abban


Eneni Abban is a Multi Award-Winning Robotics Engineer, STEM Communicator, and Founder of leading Anime and Gaming community, Anime and Chill.