March 23, 2021

X Gon Give It To Ya! - Hunter x Hunter Appreciation Episode! Will It Ever Come Back? | Ep.39

X Gon Give It To Ya! - Hunter x Hunter Appreciation Episode! Will It Ever Come Back? | Ep.39
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"If you want to get to know someone, find out what makes them angry." - Gon Freecs

The time has come to finally speak about Hunter x Hunter, we had soo much fun recording this one, with so many twist and turns regarding out thoughts about the anime and the creator Yoshihiro Togashi. If your a Hunter x Hunter fan you gotta lisen. 

Discussion points: 

  • Our thoughts on why Yoshihiro Togashi has not finished the anime!
  • What we would say to help him get the anime finished! 
  • If Hunter x Hunter continued, would it be better than One Piece?
  • If you could say anything to Yoshihiro Togashi, what would say?
  • When did we first get into HxH? Who got you into it?
  • What were our first thoughts? What was the moment that got you hooked?
  • What were our first impressions of Gon and Killua?
  • What is our favourite arc?
  • Which Nen types would we choose to have?
  • What was our favourite fight?
  • Who is our favourite character?
  • Who is your favourite character?
  • Gon’s emotions and what the triggers were. 
  • Are kurapika and Sasuke similar in story? 

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