Feb. 15, 2022

Valentine's Special | On The Hotline! – Which Celebrity Would We Call To Try And Convince Them To Watch Anime?! Ep.86

Valentine's Special | On The Hotline! –  Which Celebrity Would We Call To Try And Convince Them To Watch Anime?! Ep.86
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"We Love Anime!! Come and join us, you will love it to!"

Happy Valentine’s Day to all our Suuuper lights. In this episode we are spreading the love, more specifically the love of anime. We are going to be discussing which celebrity, person of interest or influencer we would to seduce into watching anime? Joining us again like she did on the last Valentine’s Day episode is Lady Tee. 

This episode has a lot of great anime recommendations so be sure to listen out for these and check them out. 

Discussion Notes

  • Would Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure really suit this female global superstar?
  • Would Code Geass be a good anime to recommend this billionaire?
  • Would this basketball player really like this anime? 
  • Would Attack On Titan, really be a great anime for this action star? 
  • Would this Fast and Furious star love Anime  
  • Would this Suuuper Mega Star really like the anime Gangsta?
  • Would the Queen like this anime?  
  • Has any of us cried when watching anime? 
  • What are some anime that has nearly brought us to tears?
  • Which film made Solo cry? 

Our last 2021 Valentine’s day Episode - 99 Problems but a Waifu aint one!

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