Jan. 26, 2021

Toy Soldiers! - Attack on Titan! Eldians Vs Marleyans! Who's Right and Who's Wrong!? | Ep.31

Toy Soldiers! - Attack on Titan! Eldians Vs Marleyans! Who's Right and Who's Wrong!? | Ep.31
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"War does not determine who is right - only who is left." - Bertrand Russell


Attack on Titan continues to wow us not just because of the beautiiful animation but also by the intrigiuing story line creator Hajime Isayama created for this excellent anime. There are many themes in this anime that can be related back to our very own real world events as it relates to events such as war and  justification on who is right and who is wrong - Good vs Bad.

AoT Episodes covered in this podcast are S4 episodes 1 - 5.

Discussion Notes
Good Vs Bad in Attack On Titan 

  • Is there such a thing as a good side in Attack On Titan?
  • Who are the bad guys really? Eldians or the Marleyans?
  • Are the Eldians actually that bad?

What would you do if you woke up in the AoT world and could pick a Titan Power?

  • Which Titan would you pick?
  • Would you pick a side?
  • Would you be a lone wolf?

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