Dec. 8, 2020

Thinking Out Loud - Our Top Anime Picks Over The Last Decade | Ep.24

Thinking Out Loud - Our Top Anime Picks Over The Last Decade | Ep.24
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“2010’s was a great decade for anime, I can’t wait to see what the next decade holds” – Anonymous”

Over the last decade we have had some amazing anime come out and we count down over the last 10 years what anime we thought was amazing and we would recommend. 

 We have two different approaches. 

  • Eds approach: I answer from the viewpoint of when I found an anime and not the year the anime was released. So, for example, My Hero Academia came out in 2015 but I didn’t start watching it till 2018. 
  • In contrast, Solo will be answering from the viewpoint of when the anime was released rather than the year, he watched it. 

 For every anime we recommend for that year, we give a quick overview of how we found the anime, a synopsis of the anime and why we would recommend it. As always if there is an anime that we didn’t mention that you believe should be on our list of top picks, contact us via email or social media. All links for contacting below.

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