Nov. 2, 2021

The Game! – Darwin’s Game Vs Squid Game! Are They Similar? & Other Anime Like It! | Ep.71

The Game! – Darwin’s Game Vs Squid Game! Are They Similar? & Other Anime Like It! | Ep.71
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"Life is a Game, all you have to do is know how to play it"- Unknown

Discussion Points 

  • What were your first impressions watching it from seeing Squid Game first? 
  • Were there any similarities that you noticed initially or during the time of watching Darwin’s Game that you thought was similar to Squid Game? 
  • What were the major differences for you? Did these differences impact how you felt about each game series? 
  • Was there a sense of classism or elitism in both animes? 
  • Is society similar to these games? 
  • Do you think the protagonist from each series share any similar characteristics? 
  • Can either of the games teach us about the nature of society? 
  • Which series did you prefer watching? 
  • Which game would you rather be in? Darwins Game or Squid Game?

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