April 5, 2022

THATS MY JADA! - Are These The Top 5 Anime Slaps?! | Ep.93

THATS MY JADA! - Are These The Top 5 Anime Slaps?! | Ep.93
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"Slap Sounds Matter!"

Fresh from the oscars, we look into what are the best anime slaps, anime certainly has many but which ones are in our Top 5?!

Discussion Points

  • The use of slaps in anime 
  • The variations of slaps in anime 
  • Are there  two types of slaps in anime?
  • What makes a slap good, a good anime slap?
  • Counting down our anime slaps. 

Thats My Jada slap blog  - see here to view all the slaps!

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Alright enough of that, where are my manners, I didn’t even introduce myself, I deserve a slap for that, my name is Ed host of the Suuuper Anime podcast, and today is going to be a solo slap episode, see what I did there, with the double entendre with solo! Cue Solo laugh. Yeah, just me today, Solo is absent due to getting slapped up by Ms Solo for buying that cheap ladder and hurting himself, ironically he has even more damage now! Cue Solo laugh

Okay, THAT’S MY JADA! For those who don’t know, that is slight adaptation on Vegeta shouting at Beerus “That’s my Bulma”. Now unless you have been living under a rock or don’t care for celeb gossip, there was an incident in the Oscars where Will Smith got out of his seat, calmly walked over to Chris Rock and then slapped him, turned his back and calmly walked back to his seat and then started shouting at Chris Rock to keep his wifes name out his Fing Mouth!

Now I am not here to talk about whether it was right or wrong, or talk about the incident, the incident however, did give me food for thought on Anime Slaps! And I mean the actual 5 finger full palm slaps as opposed to yeah anime slaps if you know what I mean.

Side note, I wonder how many times I am gonna say slap in this episode, if anyone can guess right, I will give a prize, just DM Suuuper anime podcast on Instagram and let me know, it will be a prize for the first 3 people who give me the correct number. That is slap and slaps, the singular and plural words combined. Give me the total number.

Okay, my bad, digressed again, lets get back on track. Now what’s interesting is in my research, I found so many anime that involves someone getting slapped, in fact, its actually common for Japanese comedians to slap each other on TV.  Perhaps this is why we see it frequently in anime, and the variations of the anime slaps is just incredible, so today I am going to break down my top 5 anime slaps that I have seen but I am sure there is so much more.

Alright Number 5 – Slap

This slap comes from the anime Toradora and involves the characters Taiga and Ami.

To set some context, Ami is acting super nice and polite with her brother and Ruiji Takasu at the table. They then leave the table to go to the toilets and this is when Ami shows her true colours, she begins being disrespectful and rude to Taiga, meanwhile Ruiji and Ami’s brother are watching from a distance as Ami’s brother knows her true colours. Anyway, Ami is acting like the quote on quote mean girl, she makes a direct insult at Taiga who if you have watched the anime does not take any BS. The scene cuts to Takasu saying I am surprised Taiga has taken all of these insults and hasn’t hit (slap)… in that moment, the music in the background stops playing, the chilled vibe goes to one of a hostile one for one split second. The strength of the slap is furthered emphasized with a red mark on Ami’s face. What makes this slap top 5 is not only just the slap but after she hits Ami, Taiga says there was a mosquito on your face as a way to justify the slap. Cue Solo laugh. Calm done Solo it wasn’t that funny.

But before I move on, that begs the question of what is a good slap? What does a good slap look like? Well for me, I have to see good form, I want a nice wind up, solid 5 finger palm contact and a good follow through. That’s the slap itself, the context, timing and relevance takes it from a good to a great slap and I think this is why this was a great slap. I didn’t see it coming.

Also, I will take the time to say here that, from my observations, there are two kinds of slaps in anime, the serious one and the comedic one. The serious one always seems to change the tone of the scene and moment, while the comedic slaps tend to over exaggerate the damage done by the slap.

Case in point my number 4 slap

Alright Number 4 – Slap

Number 4 comes from the anime Dragon Ball Z and as you would expect involves Bulma and Master Roshi. For those who don’t know Master Roshi is a pervy old man and in this scene he was perving over Bulma, who rightly so slapped him for doing so. (Now you can laugh Solo.) The funny thing about the slap was the distance Bulma got in slapping Master Roshi, he literally flew across the room with the slap flinging the hat of his head and also making him land on his face. It ends with a camera close of his face, his glasses now off so you can see the pain in his eyes.

Now unlike the serious slaps which are done to draw attention to the issue or severity of the situation, the comical slaps do the opposite, in that they are trying to cut the tension and offer some humor to the situation and I have to say, it works, I laugh every time if not most times.

By the way all these slaps will be on our blog so you can go and watch them in all their slapnificants! That by the way is a neologism, yup you missed Eds word of the day Solo buty never fear, editing is here. (Insert Eds word of the day)

Okay Number 3 – The anime is Attack on Titan and the slap is by Eren as the Founding Titan on an abnormal running towards him. Again, as I mentioned, a good slap has a good wind up, solid facial contact and a full follow through. What I love about this slap, is the Studio broke down this slap to show just how strong it was, slapficiant some might some.

They highlighted and showcased the muscles used to generate the power and ferocity of the slap! Again, what makes a great slap is the context, I believe this was when Eren first turned into the Attack Titan (later called the founding) and to showcase just how strong he was, as a titan, they used this scene to do so. When Eren as the titan connects with the abnormal, the slap, is so clean, the strike is so swift and hard that it takes the abnormals head clean off, almost like a baseball bat hitting a baseball for a home run. The abnormals  head is seen flying into a building! That my friends is technique, power and skill.

And speaking of skills number 2 has so much skills she didn’t even need to use her hand.

Alright Number 2 – Slap

This slap comes from The anime Bleach and involves the Vizard members Shinji and Hiyori. Now to set the scene Shinji is walking ahead complaining as to why he has to go to Ichigos school to recruit him, and as he makes that comment all you see is a swift kick up his ass launching him into the wall but to make matters worse the same slipper she used to kick him, she flicks it of her foot, into her hand and then slaps him with that same slipper (ohhhh) Now that’s disrespectful. Again, this is a comedic slap as the use of the slipper along with the context dampens the serious tone. Also, as I mentioned comedy slaps tend to be exaggerated and this was no different. The lead up of him getting kicked and flying into a wall before getting slapped with the slipper is more to suggest a light hearted slap as opposed to a serious one.

I think I like this slap just because of the level of disrespect. Think about it, she uses the slipper she has been walking on the floor with, the slipper she used to kick his backside and then uses that same slipper to slap his face. Cue solo laugh. I mean if that’s not a disrespectful slap I don’t not what is.

Alright time for my number 1, but before that, I wanna give some honorable mentions. Now I haven’t seen any of these amines and hence why I did not include it in my top 5 but in my research I saw these and had to mention.

The first honorable mention is from an anime called Nichijou, I know Solo has seen it and says its funny and this scene I saw was hilarious. I don’t know the names but essentially the girl is being hysterical trying to kill a fly. She is making so much noise, her mum comes in and she tells her mum the house is not good enough due to the fly so we need to move. Ungrateful I say. (OOhhh noo) Her mum without saying a word, gives her  “a how to do” slap whereby each frame of the slap is numbered and captured by the animators in still images to showcase the steps to a great slap.

There are 12 steps from slap to knockout. The slap was soo hard, she flew back, banged her head on her table and got knocked out cold. This is evident when the muscles lax in her neck and her face turns around and all you see is a red hand print on the side of her face but, (insert almost laugh) the funny thing about this is you see the fly she has been trying to kill firmly dead and imprinted on the side of her face where she got slapped, making you think was the mum just trying to kill the fly and the daughters face was in the way. (Insert full laugh) I don’t know but I thought that was a funny way to showcase a slap.

Another funny way comes from my second honorable mention, again not an anime I have seen buts the anime Kyoukai Senjou No Horizon by the character Kimi Aoi. Again, for me this was purely the slap, this was a very good comical slap. She begins the phase of her slap turned away from the person she is about to slap, as she is turning she uses that hip momentum to generate so much force in her slap that it ends up looking like a Shoryuken leaving the girl who got slapped flying and spinning through the air creating a Tornado.

Again, links to all these slaps on our blog on suuuperanimepodcast.com, I know for a fact that the videos will do all these descriptions a lot more justice.

Alright so my NUMBER 1 Slap. The slap above all slaps!

I mentioned it earlier, the anime is Dragon Ball Super and the slap is by Beerus on Bulma!

Now first of lets dissect and analyze the slap. First of this was not just a 5 finger open palm slap. Oh no no no NO! This was a backed handed slap. You might be thinking so what Ed, is a slap not a slap. Don’t Slap lives matter? Well you see, not all slaps are the same. The backhand is probably if not the most disrespectful slap you can do to someone. A back handed slap is an indication that you are vastly superior to that person being slapped, think about it, when you dismiss someone whats the motion you make with your hand, it’s like a schuh, shuh,I am done with you. This makes sense, in the context of things, Beerus is a god of destruction and thus sees Bulma a human, inferior to him.

Now the level of detail on Beerus’s back handed slap was just amazing! SLAPTASTIC! The build, how he brought his right hand up, the scene cuts between Vegeta screaming “don’t hurt her” Bulma looking like a smug woman almost daring Beerus to do something. Then you just here the Slap! But rather than just being a quick slap. The level of detail on this slap was amazing. 

Let me break it down! First you see and hear the slap but upon connection it freezes and shows the 3 phases of the slap from Beerus pulling his hand back, to the hit and then to the follow through. Each still image a work of art! Each phase has its own still image, with a slap sound effect almost suggesting he slaps Bulma three times but the reason for this was more so for dramatic slap effect. 

In addition to this, to draw more attention to the slap, they made the background white with just Beerus and Bulma in the image and not only that when she gets hit, you see what looks like pieces of debris in the image. Debris is usually what you see as a result of war due to the fact its mostly seen when things are destroyed and broken, and this was almost insinuating that it was a declaration of war and Bulma had been a casualty of war! You see this in the last picture when there is a sombre sound effect with the close up of Bulma’s face and her eyes closed, almost like she died from this one hit. 

It was absolutely stupendous. The animators did an amazing job. By highlight the slap in such detail, it made the reaction from Vegeta that more special, more viral and more justifiable. THAT’S MY BULMA!! SOUND EFFECT!

Okay, so there you have it, my top 5 anime slaps, did yours make the list, if not let me know if I missed any good ones, I can add it to the blog. Just send it on our Instagram or send a message via our website suuuperanimepodcast.com/contact.

Alright, I think I am about slapped out, thanks so much for listening, thanks for sharing this with a friend and or rating us 5 stars, we truly, truly appreciate it, till next time, keep Suuuper Anime podcast always in your mouths!