July 6, 2023

SSR Ep.4 | Bleach Is The Best Anime in the BIG 3!?

SSR Ep.4 | Bleach Is The Best Anime in the BIG 3!?

Our Suuuper Social Reactions (SSR) anime podcast series continues and this one was a wild one. 

Discussion points:

  • Is Korra Season 3 better than season 1 and 2 of Avatar Last Air Bender?
  • Are Dragon Ball fans delusional with regards to the story? 
  • Does Toriyama anime manga story writing lack in terms of the laws of powers? 
  • Is the first season of Tokyo Ghoul better than Attack On Titan?
  • Discussing, whether Bleach is arguable the best anime of the BIG 3? – (Naruto, One Piece and Bleach) 
  • Is Bankai the most iconic one word power move activation?

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