Aug. 31, 2023

SSR Ep.12 | Chicken Wings - Ed’s Demon Slayer Rant!

SSR Ep.12 | Chicken Wings - Ed’s Demon Slayer Rant!

"I would use my powers to get unlimted chicken!" - Solo

Reacting to our discord questions and conversations. 

Discussion points

  • What anime Shonen power would we have? Haki, Titan shifting, Stand just to name a few powers we discuss!
  • Observation Haki vs Genjutsu! Which one wins? 
  • Would a stand from Jojo’s Bizzare make the personal servant? 
  • Which anime character did All Might take inspiration from? 
  • Should Mangaka’s relinquish autonomy and delegate to have a better work life balance? 

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