June 20, 2023

Snow Beard! - Mrs Solo Is on The Podcast! Let’s Gooo!! | Ep.157

Snow Beard! - Mrs Solo Is on The Podcast! Let’s Gooo!! | Ep.157

“I am more than enough, and I can change the world” – Mrs Solo! 

We have a very special guest in Solo’s wife Ms Solo joining the podcast. This was a rare insight into Solo and anime, one you would not want t miss. 


Discussion Notes 

  • What did Mrs Solo think about Solo and anime? 
  • How did she find out?
  • Whats her views on anime?
  • Does she watch anime?
  • Which genre of anime would suite Mrs Solo?
  • Mrs Solo gives her take on One Piece 
  • Mrs Solo answers Suuuper Quick fire round 
  • Can you guess if she is a Deku or Bakugo fan?

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