Oct. 6, 2022

Sharingan! - #BHM! Delving Deep Into The Depths of Anime Rap Artist Shao Dow Who Joins Us To Talk About Anime, Rap, Cancel Culture, The Music Industry Plus Much More | Ep.120

Sharingan! - #BHM! Delving Deep Into The Depths of Anime Rap Artist Shao Dow Who Joins Us To Talk About Anime, Rap, Cancel Culture, The Music Industry Plus Much More | Ep.120

“People throw representation like it’s a dirty word, but I believe representation is important, I want to see characters that look like me represented in my favourite things”Shao Dow

In the UK, in October, we celebrate Black History Month, and, in this series, we will be showcasing a number of incredibly talented black content creators who are either in the anime industry or love anime as much as we do. As well as covering anime and their craft, we will also be covering topics around diversity, equity and inclusion.

Kicking of our Suuuper Anime Black History Month is Shao Dow! 

Discussion Points: 

  • What was it like fo Shao Dow competing and finishing Ninja Warrior UK?
  • How did Shao Dow get into anime? 
  • Why did he go to China to practice Shaolin?
  • How did Shao Dow start write music? 
  • What was his journey from Shaolin monk to professional
  • We talk about music videos and whether they need to be extravagant?
  • Does creativity trump money? 
  • Is Attack on Titan the greatest written anime of all time? 
  • Is cancel culture ruining the element of free speech? 
  • Is taking away someone’s social media presence akin to social death? 
  • Is Andrew Tate radicalising people? Or galvanising people? 
  • The law that gave the police power to stop music shows including Shao Dow’s music events. 
  • Which anime characters would Shao Dow like to have in an anime rap group?
  • We finish the episode of with the Suuuper Anime Quick fire round!

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Shao DowProfile Photo

Shao Dow

Rapper, Manga Author, Ninja

Shao Dow is an independent rapper, manga author and occasional ninja.

After studying Shaolin Kung Fu with the monks whilst living in China, Shao Dow utilised the tenacity and determination he learnt from his martial arts training to independently forge his music career.

It’s little wonder Shao scooped the AIM Award for Hardest Working Artist – he has self-released three albums, created a headphones brand and published a manga book series through his own company, DiY Gang Entertainment.

The London-born artist also appeared on ITV's Ninja Warrior UK and was invited into Parliament to speak on behalf of grassroots music venues across the country.

Known to rap in both English and Japanese, Shao is hard to define as just a regular artist. He constantly blurs the lines between anime (Japanese-style animation), martial arts and his own music and has worked with icons such as Sean Schemmel (the voice actor for Goku - Dragon Ball Z) and featured on the first single from Tech N9ne’s latest album.

Alongside his regular releases, Shao Dow is also working on the soundtrack for an online animated series with Mashed and Channel 4 –
the first episode achieved more than 1 million views on YouTube within two weeks. His music was also used as part of the soundtrack in the ‘All or Nothing: Arsenal’ documentary about Arsenal FC by Amazon Prime Video.

When it comes to performing live, Shao delivers an unforgettable stage show. Mixing ski… Read More