Dec. 15, 2020

Ready to Die! – Attack On Titan (AOT) S4:EP1 First Impressions + Solo’s Special Stories Returns | Ep 25

Ready to Die! – Attack On Titan (AOT) S4:EP1 First Impressions + Solo’s Special Stories Returns | Ep 25

Good is merely a word applied to people who are convenient to our needs in some way. Its purely subjective – Armin Arlert

In this Episode we discuss 

  • Our first impressions based on what you have seen from Attack on Titan Final Season (Season 4, episode 1) 
  • Does the story have some parallels with slavery? 
  • How the Marley’s/Marleyans treated the Eldians and whether it’s the Elidians who are right or the Marleyans? 
  • Speculating about the connection between the Eldians and how this works? 
  • Is Erin a time traveller as a lot of fans are speculating? 
  • Our predictions on how we see the Attack on Titan Final Season going?
  • Fan theories we have read that we think might be true based on what we have seen? 
  • Is it all a dream?
  • Is this an anime series that you think will age well?

Solo Special Stories
A Suuuper Family listener sends a Pokémon for Solo to make a scary story about, you have to hear this. 

Totally Not Mark -

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