Jan. 12, 2023

Patreon Unlocked: Ed's Frirst Manga Read! | Bonus Episode

Patreon Unlocked: Ed's Frirst Manga Read! | Bonus Episode
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"Show some support pareon.com/suuuperanime" - Ed Host of Suuuper Anime podcast 

I finaly done it, I have finally read a full manga chapter and more. In this episode I speak about my first experience with Solo who is an avid manga reader and give my take on what my experience was. 

Discussion Points 

  • We have a Patreon - www.patreon.com/suuuperanime - please support if you enjoy the show and would like all the Suuuper benefits that come with it. 
  •  Manga experience
    • Some benefits and drawback or reading manga?
    • Is it difficult to read manga based on the speech bubble placements? 
    • Is character personality lost in manga vs anime? 
    • Are additional details shown in anime vs manga which add a bit more context and explanation? 

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