July 11, 2023

My Power! – Debating The Philosophy of Power & Control in Anime! | Ep.160

My Power! – Debating The Philosophy of Power & Control in Anime! | Ep.160

"The problem isn't the abuse of power; it's the power to abuse". - Mike Cloud

Discussion Notes:

  • What do we define as power? 
  • Does power really corrupt? If so which anime have we seen anime characters corrupted by power? 
  • How do various anime tackle, issues of power & control and how do they refill the pitfalls and hazards of authoritarianism?
  • How does anime explore power dynamics within groups or organizations and how can these dynamics lead to conflict and violence? 
  • How does power imbalance affect the everyday people? Can power imbalances lead to oppression, violence and exploration of vulnerable groups? 
  • How do the various genres within anime, such as mecha and Shonen, approach the theme of power and control differently?
  • Can we think of some anime that subvert or challenge traditional power structures and how they do this? 
  • How does meaning and experience in life come into play when looking at power and control. 
  • Nihilism vs Existentialism vs Absurdism – Is this a common theme when it comes to anime heroes and villains?
  • How does Marxism also take root in anime? How does Economic and social relationships affect power?

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