Nov. 22, 2022

Mas Que Nada - Is This The Best Anime World Cup Team? | Ep.128

Mas Que Nada - Is This The Best Anime World Cup Team? | Ep.128

Joga Bonito - Eric Cantona!

It’s the World Cup 2023 and like we for did Champions League Final 2021 where we built our teams – you can listen to that episode here – we have decided to build our World Cup 2022 teams, however, as always using anime characters! 😊

The rules are simple!

We both have 11 players to choose however, we are only allowed to choose 2 characters from one anime show.

A character’s powers can only be used in relation to the game of football (soccer). There is no attacking each other, no foul play, no beams, no psychic powers, projectiles or manipulation of the football. Only thing allowed are physical enhancement abilities. So, for example Super Sayian. Basically, it’s like the film Shaolin soccer but with Anime characters.

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