Nov. 17, 2020

KMT - Why Are They Still Making Live Action Anime Films? | Ep.21

KMT - Why Are They Still Making Live Action Anime Films? | Ep.21
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"With animation, you’re only limited by the canvas in front of you!"

With the announcement of Netflix possibly creating a live action One Piece, we ask, Why are studios still creating live animated version of anime? WHY! Dragon Ball Evolution, Ghost in the Shell, Avatar Last Air Bender just to name a few have all either been flops or did not live up to their potential and should have just been left alone. 

In this episode we discuss: 

  • Why do we think they are still making live action films?
  • Do the production companies do any research when looking to making an anime into a film?
  • Is there even any good live action anime film and if so, have we seen any?
  • If we could, what anime would we choose to make into a live action film? 
  • How much would someone have to pay you to promote Dragon Ball Evolution as the best anime film ever?

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