May 16, 2023

Fact Or Fiction?! Pt 6 – Can Solo Answer Basic Questions About Suuuper Anime Podcast? | Ep.153

Fact Or Fiction?! Pt 6 – Can Solo Answer Basic Questions About Suuuper Anime Podcast? | Ep.153
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"Ed is burning right now!"– Solo of suuuper anime podcast 

We have another series of Anime Fact or Fiction part 6. In this episode we are celebrating the podcast passing 150 episodes with a Suuuper Anime fact or fiction episode. Solo is put the test by answering questions about Suuuper Anime podcast. Will be able to answer questions about our podcast? 

Press play to find out.  

In this episode Solo answer questions relating to:

  • The number of countries we have been listened in? 
  • Who our first guest was?
  • Which city has listened to us the most

Plus much more. 

Fact or fiction episode series 


 Ed + Solo singing anime intros episode 

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Suuuper podcast title inspired by Jacquees – Fact or Fiction |Listen Here! 

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