Feb. 23, 2021

Enter The Dragon! - Dragon Ball Z Appreciation! Discussing How We Got Into DBZ And Having a Party On Kame Island | Ep. 35

Enter The Dragon! - Dragon Ball Z Appreciation! Discussing How We Got Into DBZ And Having a Party On Kame Island | Ep. 35
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“Push through the pain, giving up hurts more.”– Vegeta

Discussion points: 

  • When did we start watching Dragon Ball Z?
  • Which other ones in the series have we watched?  e.g DragonBall, Z, GT, Kai, Super, Movies?
  • What is our favourite arc in the Dragon Ball Z series?
  • Who is our favourite Z fighter?
  • What is our favourite energy move? 
  • Who is our favourite Dragon Ball Z villain?
  • Who is our favourite Super Saiyan? 
  • Which Dragon Ball Z character and One Piece character would we get to perform a fusion? 
  • Our thoughts on how Dragon Ball Z has impacted modern day action anime?
  • If we could have a house party on Roshi’s island, what would be the party theme and which Shonen anime characters would we invite?
  • Ed’s final secret question to Solo 

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Oda Interview with Toriyama - http://www.thegrandline.com/odainterview.html 
Super Eye Patch Wolf  Dragon Ball video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tuvSwb5KM6Q 

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