July 25, 2023

Empire State Of Mind - How Has Anime Shaped Our Mindset? | Ep.162

Empire State Of Mind - How Has Anime Shaped Our Mindset? | Ep.162

"Self awareness is the key to unlocking your greatness" - Ed (Suuuper Anime podcast host)

Discussion Notes

  • Has anime exposed us to different values and perspectives?
  • Does the message of self-improvement and perseverance in anime resonate with us?
  • Did anime help us in forming our own identities?
  • Are there any examples of how anime has shaped our mindset?
  • Are there any positive or even negative effects that anime can have on our mindset?

Links to things referenced in the podcast

  • Listen to anime characters we are most like – Who We Be
  • Read Wise – This is the service Solo mentioned. 


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Suuuper podcast title inspired by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys   Empire State of Mind 


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