April 8, 2021

Discussing Crunchyroll Awards! Is Fan Service Toxic? Plus Much More With Theo J Ellis | Bonus

Discussing Crunchyroll Awards! Is Fan Service Toxic? Plus Much More With Theo J Ellis | Bonus

"Not giving up on yourself, is what's truly important, that way you don't end up pathetic" - Theo's favourite quote from the anime Another. 

I caught up again with Anime Motivation Founder Theo J Ellis. We get into a lot of topics on this episode.  Discussion points below. 

Discussion Points:

  • How did Theo get chosen as a judge for the Crunchyroll awards? 
  • How does the voting system work when voting for the Crunchyroll anime awards? 
  • Who’s votes counts more? The Fans or the Judges? I was surprised about this answer!    
  • Our thoughts on who should have won in the anime awards?  
  • What can Crunchyroll do to make the anime awards better?  
  • Gate Keeping in Anime! Why this needs to stop!  
  • Is Hyper sexualization in Anime toxic? Is fan service too much in Anime? - https://animemotivation.com/does-fan-service-ruin-anime/
  • Is CGI going to replace 2D animation?  
  • What Anime is Theo looking forward to?
  • Anime, Cosplay and Social Media Trolls  

Theo J Ellis – First Appearance | Listen Here

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Theo J Ellis

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Theo J Ellis is the founder and owner of the #1 anime site in the UK - Anime Motivation