Nov. 23, 2021

BREATHE! Pt. 2 - Saturday AM Founder Frederick L. Jones Joins Us To Discuss An Exclusive Book Deal, Importance of Being Consistent, Why Manga and Hip Hop Are Similar + Much More! | Ep.74

BREATHE! Pt. 2 - Saturday AM Founder Frederick L. Jones Joins Us To Discuss An Exclusive Book Deal, Importance of Being Consistent, Why Manga and Hip Hop Are Similar + Much More! | Ep.74
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“Saturday AM, its authentic… these kids are creating manga whether you call it manga or not… the truth of the creator is the truth of the character”  -Frederick Jones  (Saturday AM founder )

Our guest for this episode was Mr Fredrick L Jones who is the founder of Saturday AM - The World’s most diverse comics anthology. The company has dozens of creators, thousands of fans all over the world, 100’s of issued magazines which has inspired young, diverse, creators much the same way that Shonen Jump, cartoons, and comics did. 

We discuss the following things:  

  • Saturday AM Founder Mr Jones drops the exclusive regarding their partnership with The Quarto Group?
  • How did the partnership come about with the Quarto Group? 
  • Why it’s important to be authentic and celebrate all identities! 
  • How can we solve for the lack of representation in manga? 
  • The importance of remaining consistent as a content creator! 
  • Is Manga entering a new ERA? 
  • Saturday AM’s Mr Jones, talk about the 4 era of Manga and what the latest era is, listen to find out what these eras are?
  • Are manga and hip hop similar?  
  • Why Anime and Manga have transcended the notion of only being from Japan!

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The Quarto Group book deal -

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Suuuper podcast title inspired by Fabolous – Breathe |Listen Here! 

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Frederick L JonesProfile Photo

Frederick L Jones


Frederick L. Jones is the CEO, Publisher, and Founder of MyFutprint Entertainment, LLC - the home of Saturday AM. A lifelong fan of Anime since the 80's, he is a former Executive in the videogame industry with over a decade of experiencing working on product marketing for a variety of top game franchises across Playstation, Xbox, PC, and Sega Dreamcast.

Saturday AM was formed in 2013, inspired by Shonen Jump, and stands as the most diverse manga brand in the world. With creators from 6 continents, fans from over 60 countries, Saturday AM is incredibly popular. With popular EXCLUSIVE series like APPLE BLACK, CLOCK STRIKER, HAMMER and more -- the brand has been interpreted in TOYS, VIDEOGAMES, APPS, STICKERS and works with three of the biggest art supply manufacturers in Japan.