April 30, 2021

What’s Your Favourite type of Anime?

What’s Your Favourite type of Anime?

I ain’t got no type, or do I? 🤔 There are many types of Anime; Shonen, Shoujo, Isekai, Cyber Punk, Harem, Reverse Harem, Mecha and the list goes on. However, I do find that as a male, my preferences had always been around Shonen, Cyber Punk and Mecha. While these genres are not for males specifically, they are targeted to male audiences. Shonen for example is targeted at teenage boys, again that’s not to say girls can’t or don’t watch it, they are just not the primary target audience.

A myriad of anime characters grouped together

With that all said, I do however, as I grow up with anime, find my taste changing or should I say evolving beyond anime types such as Shonen. We go more into depth about this in our podcast about anime types, and in the podcast me and my co-host both explain how in order to stay in love, - yes I said love, as we LOVE anime 😊 - we needed to expand our appreciation of anime and look beyond what types of anime we are used to watching.

Picture of various shonen anime characters

This for me has been a steady transition into watching a slice of life anime such as Your Name, Toradora and Weathering With You to name a few. I still have a lot more to watch but by adding these new anime types into rotation of anime shows that I watch, it really does provide a nice blend and variety of anime show types for me to watch. As they say variety is the spice of life and I am trying to keep the spice alive with Anime.

To listen to the full podcast of us discussing our journey and discovery of different anime types – Listen Here.

Also, what’s your anime type? Do you have a favourite? Leave a comment below or message us via our contact section, you can also leave a voice note for us via the orange microphone button on our website. Make a great constructive point and we will play the voice note on a future Suuuper Anime podcast episode.

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