April 30, 2021

What Are The Best Anime Mask?

What Are The Best Anime Mask?

First of all, wherever you are, I hope you are staying safe. The ongoing pandemic has seen sales of mask increase dramatically. This got us to thinking what are some cool anime masks that we would wear, mainly for aesthetics and not really for functionality.

Below is a summary of masks that we choose on our bonus anime podcast episode titled Mask On! To hear our reason and rationale as to why we choose the below mask, as well as which anime character we would sell a mask to, you can listen to the full episode here

Mask choices listed in order as heard on the Podcast.

Anime: Naruto

  • Mask: ANBU

4 guys wearing the ANBU mask from Naruto


Anime: Tokyo Ghoul

  • Mask: Kaneki Face Mask

Kaneki wearing a face mask in Tokyo Ghoul


Anime: My Hero Academia

  • Mask: Overhaul Plague mask 

Overhaul from My Hero Academia wearing a plague mask



Anime: Demon Slayer

  • Mask: Boar Mask

Inosuke Hashibira from Demon Slayer, wearing the Boar Mask


Anime: One Piece

  • Mask: Sogeking

Usopp from One Piece anime posing as Sogeking  wearing a mask


Anime: My Hero Academia 

  • Mask: Mr Compress mask 

Mr Compress, in a hat and wearing a jacket and a mask.


Anime: Naruto 

  • Mask: Obito White Mask 

Obito wearing white sage mask from Naruto


To listen to the full podcast conversation around the reasons for why we choose these masks, you can listen to it here.

Did Your Mask make it? Let us know which Mask you would wear!  Leave a comment below or message us via our contact section, you can also leave a voice note for us via the orange microphone button on our website. Make a great constructive point and we will play the voice note on a future Suuuper Anime podcast episode.

Thanks for reading.