July 19, 2021

Suuuper Anime Hip Hop Challenge Verse

Suuuper Anime Hip Hop Challenge Verse

Below is a rap poem I read out in our latest podcast regarding Why Anime Loves HipHop x HipHop Loves Anime! You can listen to the full podcast here.

The challenge was to write a verse with anime references (this can be an anime, or an anime character)

Below is my attempt of doing so. 😅

Can you guess how many anime references are in the below rap poem?

Ed's Suuuper Anime Verse

Title: Life

Sometimes I wonder, what is Life?

Is it our consciousness plugged into the game called Life?

Ghost In The Shell I think I am waiting to ex-hale

For it will take a tru-man to show me that we might be in, hell

Oh well I need to fly on like Goku, solar flare I am the Light playing sudoku


Wax on, wax off, I needed Bleach to cleanse me from this scene

But not even the Wizard King can erase what I have seen

Years of this life have left my eyes blood red

But unlike Sasuke and Kurapika, I am not changed to this revenge thread


 Life’s messed up, I feel like I am on Greed Island watching Attack On Titan

One more level and we’ll be in Jujutsu Kaisen

But like Trunks from the future, I have Hope

Come on Ed this poem is starting to sound like a Shonen troupe


Well in that case, lets all live in One Piece

Like a Marleyan I’m a Buffalo Soldier

Fighting for that One



To get a full analysis and breakdown of the verses, then listen to the Anime x HipHop episode here. You can skip to 47 minutes on the podcast if you just want to listen to that section, however, if you do love anime and hip hop we hope you listen to the full episode. 😊