Nov. 30, 2020

Guess the Anime Songs and Win Some Anime Prize!

Guess the Anime Songs and Win Some Anime Prize!

Anime Competition December 2020

As stated on the Podcast featuring Kenzie Smith Piano, -listen here-  we have been running a competition as part of our Suuuper Anime Christmas bonanza in December! The prize for this competition is a potential £50 in total - £10 for each anime song identified.

How to enter the Competition?

Across this episode with Kenzie Smith Piano, we play 5 anime covers from Kenzie Smith Piano’s Anime Music Collection albums. To enter the competition all you have to is the following:

Follow and Tweet: @Suuuperamime and @kenziesmith9521 followed by the name of the anime and the song. 

Example of how to enter 
So, for example if the anime was Naruto Shippuden and the song was Bluebird, you would tweet @Suuuperamime and @kenziesmith9521 - Naruto Shippden BlueBird -  for example. 

You can do this for just 1 or 2 of the anime songs you hear or if you think you know all 5 songs you can so this for all 5 songs to be entered in and have the possibility to win the maximum prize of £50

That’s all you have to do, we will be announcing the winners in the Facebook Community Suuuper Anime Fam Village so make sure you join the community to see if you won. 

Competition Rules

To be eligible to win, you have to send your tweet with the anime and the name of the song by 3rd December 23:59 2020 after that the competition will be closed. We will then choose winners at random and announce the winners in the Suuuper Anime Fam Village.


The prizes will be an online e-gift vouchers which will be emailed to all the winners. The gift voucher will be from an anime store website or websites that sell anime merchandise. Once the winners are chosen, we will be reaching out to them with the anime website stores that we are giving online vouchers for. There might be an option if the store voucher is not available in your country for you to choose your own store. Please note, the store must be anime related and much also have the option for online gift vouchers to be bought. We cannot ship products and thus are only giving online gift e-voucher codes. The gift e-voucher has to be a site which has and sells anime merchandise!

That’s it. The winners will be announced on Dec 4th2020. Good luck and looking forward to seeing your tweets and guesses for the 5 songs! Remember to hear all the 5 songs, listen to our podcast episode here