June 23, 2023

Anime vs. Manga: Key Differences and Which One is Better?

Anime vs. Manga: Key Differences and Which One is Better?


Anime and manga are two popular forms of entertainment that have been around for decades. Anime is a Japanese animation that has gained global popularity, while manga is the Japanese word for comics and graphic novels. Both forms of entertainment have their unique advantages and disadvantages. Ed and Solo had a heated debated on their podcast about Anime Vs Manga and explore the key differences between anime and manga to decide which one is better.

While we encourage you to listen to the episode, below are just a few things discussed in the podcast as well as elements regarding Anime Vs Manga!


One of the significant differences between anime and manga is storytelling. Manga is the original source material, and the story is told through a series of still images and dialogue. Readers can take their time to analyze each panel and immerse themselves in the story. On the other hand, anime is an adaptation of the manga, and the story is told through animation, sound, and voice acting. A key area of the debate was around anime having the advantage of adding sound and colour to the story, however, a key opposition that Solo had is that it often cuts or changes parts of the original manga due to time constraints.

Art Style

Another significant difference between anime and manga is art style. Manga is known for its detailed and intricate artwork, with each panel carefully crafted to convey the story. The artwork is often black and white, but some manga artists use color for special scenes. In contrast, anime has a more simplified art style due to the production process. Animators have to create hundreds of frames of animation, and a detailed art style would be too time-consuming and expensive. However, as Ed argued for anime, anime has the advantage of adding motion and depth to characters and settings which gives and breathes lives to the scenery and characters.


Gojo anime and Gojo manga


Each anime episode is about 20mins with a lot of anime’s also having filler (non-canon) episodes due to catch up to the manga which is the course material and thus needs to be written for the anime to be created. For this reason, a lot of people to prefer manga as manga has no filler episodes and can be consumed a lot more quickly than anime due to the time it takes to consume just one episode. While some episodes may have multiple chapters, anime is often filled with fillers which can frustrate some audiences.


In what certainly was a very heated debate between Ed and Solo relating to what is better Anime or Manga. In conclusion, both anime and manga have their unique advantages and disadvantages. While manga has the advantage of original storytelling and detailed artwork, anime can add sound, color, and motion to the story. Ultimately, which one is better depends on personal preference. Whether you prefer to read manga or watch anime, both forms of entertainment offer a rich and immersive experience that can transport you to another world. Feel free to listen to the full heated debate on Suuuper Anime podcast between Ed and Solo about Anime Vs Manga here.