Oct. 11, 2022

Big Pimpin' - Anime Characters Likely To Be Pimps | Ep.121

Big Pimpin' - Anime Characters Likely To Be Pimps | Ep.121

"I think pimp, therefore i am "- Katt Williams

In this episode we talk and discuss anime characters who would most likely be pimps in real life. Pleaase note, everything said in this episode was purely for entertainment purposes and we do not condone prostitution or violence of any sorts.

We apologise for the sound, we had bad connnection in the middle. It only happend for about 20mins.


  • Reading feedback from Suuuperlights 
  • Reacting to a voice note from a suuuperlight Blazeiam 
  • We then start the show by asking what so we characterise as a PIMP?
  • Are there anime or anime characters which lend themselves to characters having PIMP Energy?
  • Naming our Anime characters who would most likely be PIMPS

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 Suuuper podcast title inspired by Jay Z -  Big Pimpin’ | Listen Here! 

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