Oct. 12, 2021

ACTIVATE! - #BHM Illustrator David Onaolapo (Daffduff_art) Joins us to Talk, Grafting, Networking, Storytelling, “Failing” in Art, Anime, Representation, FIFA + Much More!

ACTIVATE! - #BHM Illustrator David Onaolapo (Daffduff_art) Joins us to Talk, Grafting, Networking, Storytelling, “Failing” in Art, Anime, Representation, FIFA + Much More!
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“It’s not easy to do the right thing, but at the end of the day it’s the right thing to do.” – Daffduff_art   

Welcome to another episode of Suuuper Anime podcast, Black History Month aka BHM edition. Where in the month of October we will be showcasing and speaking to black content creators on their chosen profession who are all either within the anime industry or love anime just as much as we do! 

Our guest for this episode was David Onaolapo known by the alias Daffduff_art. David is a suuuper talented illustrator, being invited to Kamehacon to be the lead artist, check out his Instagram and social links below for his art as well as the discussion points of what we discuss. 

David Onaolapo (Daffduff_art) socials  

  We discuss the following things:   

  • What character Daff (David) would love to cosplay? 
  • How did Daff get into anime?  
  • How Daff started illustration and got into illustration?
  • Why Yusuke Murata has the “god hand” when it comes to illustration?
  • How he started with illustrating marvel/DC Comic characters and then transferred to anime?
  • Moving from illustration to digital illustration?
  • David talks about why networking is crucial for any creative artist?
  • Which manga or anime would David love to work and illustrate on? 
  • Does the industry need to do more for black and people of colour or should black and people of colour take it on themselves to do their own stuff? 
  • Why Vegeta was changed to make the process of drawing him easier?
  • Talking about FIFA
    • What team he likes to use in FIFA?
  • We end the show with the Suuuper quick fire round
    • Can you guess if David likes Pokemon or Digimon? This and more revealed! 

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 Suuuper podcast title inspired by Davido – Activate|Listen Here! 

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David OnaolapoProfile Photo

David Onaolapo


Hi, my name is David, I'm a 24 Year old Nigerian currently living in the UK. I've got a degree in business management and am currently freelancing as an independent artist while trying to create something bigger. I've made a lot of great connections and had a lot of fun experiences along the way; and I'm more than happy to talk about those when the opportunity arises.