Jan. 18, 2022

21 Questions Pt 3! - Who Makes The Best Anime? First Anime To Make Us Scared? Favourite Anime Trio + Much More! | Ep.82

21 Questions Pt 3! -  Who Makes The Best Anime? First Anime To Make Us Scared? Favourite Anime Trio + Much More! | Ep.82
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"Question EVERYTHING!"

We continue our anime questions series with a part 3 where we answer some Quora questions.

Discussion Points: 

  • Below are the questions, listen to the podcast to hear our answers. 
  • Which anime did you enjoy most in 2021?
  • Which anime would be better with real actors? 
  • Who is your favourite anime trio? 
  • What boxes need to be ticked when constructing a good anime?
  • What are some anime character’s name that begin with T? 
  • Which type of power level in anime Shonen do you like more, anime with power level under planetary, or anime with power level above planetary?
  • Do you want anime characters to appear in a Disney movie someday?
  • Who makes the best anime?
  • You can choose one anime character to partner with, and everyone else from that universe is a zombie in a zombie apocalypse. Who would you choose?
  • Who is your favourite anime leader of a place/region/state/country?
  • What are Ging Freecss abilities in Hunter X Hunter?
  • What made anime producers stop making long-running series anymore?
  • If given the opportunity, what anime item would you own?
  • What was the first anime to make you feel genuine fear?
  • Which anime show have you binged more than once?
  • Which anime made you realize that anime is not just for kids?

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