May 24, 2022

0 to 100! - YouTuber & Content Creator RogersBase Joins Us For Our 100th Episode To Talk All Things Anime, Gaming And Yes One Piece! | Ep.100

0 to 100! - YouTuber & Content Creator RogersBase Joins Us For Our 100th Episode To Talk All Things Anime, Gaming And Yes One Piece! | Ep.100
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I’m never doing content because I think it will bring in views. I’m doing content if it’s something I am actively interested in that I want to find out more about or that I enjoy.”RogersBase 

WARNING!This episode might trigger you! 

 For our 100th episode,we had the amazing and talented Anime YouTuber and content creator RogersBase! This episode was full of laughs, debates, random questions, and Roger definitely brought it with his anime knowledge. 

 What are you waiting for,press play now! 

 Discussion notes: 

  • How did RogersBase get into YouTube?
  • When Roger knew it was time to go full time as a content creator?
  • What’s Rogers’s goal and aim when creating content
  • Why it’s important to create things your passionate about! 
  • Is My Hero Academia on a decline? 
  • RogersBase first impressions on when he first watched and live streamed Naruto!
  • The best way to start and get into One Piece!
  • Which JoJo Bizarre Adventures part does RogersBase completely detest and hate?
  • Why as anime fans we need to diversify our interest outside of anime
  • Roger gives his hot take take on animation vs story!
  • Ed asks Roger a random funny question about Mario Kart and One Piece
  • Which One piece villain would Roger make 3 course meal for?
  • Roger and Solo discuss One Piece theories! 
  • Has any anime surprised Roger?
  • What’s RogersBase top 3 Shonen anime? Can you guess?
  • Ed and Roger debate why HxH is on hiatus! 
  • Rogers take on Dragon Ball series! Should it stop 
  • Ed debates Roger on Gon vs Deku? Who is stronger? 
  • Which Shonen MC does RogersBase prefer over Luffy?
  • Does Roger prefer anime intros or outros? 

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