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Musical Artist and Fashion Icon

PiNKII became one of the first non-Japanese girls to become
popular in the underground idol scene in Japan. She later created
her hard-hitting style of music that comes across as cute but packs
a punch. With over 100k subs on both YouTube and TikTok, she’s a
well-known artist and fashion icon in the “gyaru” scene. Follow
PiNKII on YouTube and TikTok for the latest updates on all her

Dec. 7, 2021

Noughts & Crosses! – Saitei & PiNKII come through speaking Japanese, …

““I wanted to make UK drill accessible to the rest of the world through a vessel that most people would recognize, i.e. Squid Game.” – Saitei Our guest today is Saitei and PiNKII! They have amassed over 700k followers and …

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